Welcome to the CalWORKs Program at Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC).

CalWORKs is about people. CalWORKs is about families. CalWORKs is about building a strong, competent society with capable, informed parents and strong and healthy children. We promote a commitment to intellectual competencey, to integrity and to life-long personal growth. 

CalWORKs is an assistance program for families with children in the home under the age of 18. Students who meet the eligibility requirements receive aid each month for necesssities and help with tuition, books and supplies.

For many students CalWORKs is the first step toward knowing they can aspire and achieve what may have previously seemed impossible. CalWORKs students can be overwhelmed by the twists and turns in their lifetimes; but, nonetheless, they say, “Yes” to education. Many never believed they could go to school, let alone be successful there. CalWORKs at the SRJC changes this mind-set by providing the support and guidance needed for dreams to become realities. 

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