Welcome to the CalWORKs Program at Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC).

CalWORKs is an assistance program for student-parents whose children in the home are under the age of 18. CalWORKs goal is to build strong families with caring parents and healthy children to benefit not only the individuals but the community and beyond.   

SonomaWORKS clients receive monthly cash aid, MediCal, and CalFresh. Once SonomaWORKs refers a student to CalWORKs, they receive assistance with tuition, books, supplies and other SRJC student fees.

For many students CalWORKs is the first step toward realizing they can aspire to and achieve an education and provide more stability to their family. CalWORKs students can be overwhelmed by life's twists and turns but, nonetheless, they say, “Yes” and put in the hard work. Participating in CalWORKs can change a students' mindset so their dreams become realities, and, their families prosper. 

Please discover the CalWORKs Program. Please feel free to call us with questions any time at 707-527-4766.