Employment, Financial Aid (FAFSA) & Scholarships

Transforming dreams into realities…


CalWORKs employment advisors help students transform dreams into realities. Their goal is to help students understand the link between today’s choices and tomorrow’s employment possibilities; the link between today’s classes and part-time jobs, and tomorrow’s financial (job) security and a personal quality of life. Employment advisors assist students in finding on- or off-campus jobs. Often, these short-term jobs turn into long-term opportunities. To meet with an employment advisor, contact CalWORks at 707-527-4766. 

CalWORKs Employment Advising Helps Students To:

  • Set career goals 
  • Explore career options
  • Assess their strengths and areas that may need strengthening
  • Prepare for informational interviews
  • Create strong resumes and cover letters
  • Find subsidized employment on- or off-campus
  • Think about career advancement in a current position
  • Network and get result


So that students can meet work requirements outlined by the County, students may work on- or off-campus up to 25 hours per week. The earnings are subsidized and will not lower their monthly cash aid benefits. These jobs give students the opportunity to gain experience in the work force and, at the same time, provide them with additional income. It is possible to receive a Federal Work Study award for the twelve-month school year if unit requirements are met (6 units in Fall & Spring; 3 units in Summer). Student eligibility is assessed each Semester.


Students need to apply to FAFSA each year. New students can apply to FAFSA as soon as they enroll with the SRJC. An award amount is distributed each semester and is based on the student's enrolled course units. It is possible to receive financial aid in addition to monthly Cash Aid through SonomaWORKS. However, eligibility for financial need is determined by financial aid and is not regulated or determined by CalWORKs. 

  • For more information, go to the Plover Building on the SRJC campus or click this link to the financial aid department:https://financialaid.santarosa.edu/
  • To complete an application for Financial Aid (FAFSA), click here: https://fafsa.ed.gov/. You can start an application, save your ID and password, and return to the site.


Scholarships are available to all enrolled  students. You never know when you may meet the requirements for a specific scholarship, so check frequently to see what scholarships are available. 

You can check the scholarship listing on the first floor of the Plover Building on campus or click here: https://scholarships.santarosa.edu/. Take the time to check for scholarships and to apply. Don't miss out on extra money.

Good luck!