Feeling the Stress? Relax With These Tips...

Yes, stress is a fact of life for a parenting student (actually for everyone)! There's getting to school in time to find a parking place and making it to class (and this is after getting the kids to child care!). There's dealing with the class itself and information that could make anyone's head spin. There's the homework, the tests, and, working 22 hours a week on top of it all. And, let's not forget the telephone call from a child's school that says Timmy is sick and needs to be picked up...now! Or the car that doesn't start or the possibility that even if it did start the gas tank is on empty and the money is running low. What to do? How to cope? See the tips below and check out the links to some articles. 

  • Remind yourself that you are doing what you need to be doing to improve your life and your family's life. Be proud of what you are doing in school and as a parent. 
  • When deciding how many units to take, remember that many people consider raising a child or children as equivalent to two or even three units so make good choices and don't allow yourself to over schedule. 
  • If you do find yourself struggling in a class, get help! Talk to the instructor, ask at CalWORKs for guidance, or go to the tutoring center (https://college-skills.santarosa.edu/tutorial-centers
  • Study: you're in school to learn so learn to enjoy learning! Learning is a gift that not everyone gets. Embrace learning and turn the experience on its head. Make school an enjoyable, uplifting, "I'm taking care of myself and my family" experience. 
  • Start the first day of school preparing for tests: Keep up on reading and homework. Listen, take good notes, and study in a structured, steady pattern. Review notes and highlighted sections of texts daily
  • Use a hard-copy calendar instead of a phone - paper schedulers are best because students can see easily everything they need to do today, tomorrow and onward.
  • Plan in advance - use the calendar to plan daily  time, personal time, and time with the family. . .include some "free" times in case of an emergency or an invitation you don't want to miss. 
  • Be sure to take time for yourself. Either quiet time or an activity for just you.  
  • Believe that you are smart and can handle whatever comes your way. By having complete and total confidence that you are able to handle whatever comes your way, you will handle whatever comes your way. . 

A few links about stress...

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Consider taking Counseling 53 for great ideas on how to be a super student and lower your stress - here's a YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3mqG6Cpd5U