Capturing Dreams - Student Stories

What do you love today?  In other words, what makes your heart sing? What do you feel gratitude for today and every day? Read on for a few of our students' responses:

(New 6/15/17): KEEP SHINING! What I love today and everyday is my 3 beautiful boys! Every day is different and challenging, but, always filled with hugs and kisses. My boys are my strength, my happiness and my reason to keep pushing forward! They keep me on my toes and focused. My favorite time is watching them play baseball. They are my little all-stars that keep shining! LH

(New 6/14/17): SHOUT OUT TO WEBSITE/CALWORKS STUDENTS/BLESSINGS! I really like that their is information on eligibility clearly available. Some don't realize they may qualify for CalWorks support and services, which have been a large part of my success at the JC! I'm grateful for ALL of the hardworking parents who are taking responsibility for their own future and their children's future's, and all the blessings in my lifeAngie

FAVORITE THINGS: I love my fun 4-year-old son. I love writing poetry. I love guacamole! Crystal

FAMILY/UNDERSTANDING BOUNDARIES: Today I am grateful for my life and my daughter's life. I don't know where I would be without my support system around me. I love that I am physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy and that I am capable of anything I put my mind to. I am grateful that I learned to set boundaries because without setting boundaries I wouldn't feel this good about myself! MA

ANOTHER DAY/ANOTHER CHANCE: I love that I woke up today and have been given another chance to work on becoming my highest self. I love that I have strength running through my body and I could dance if I wanted to! I love that I understand I have the opportunity to "speak life" into all people I meet and in every situation I come across. I love that I am surrounded by absolutely amazing people! SS

I DID IT!: With the odds stacked against me I persevered as a single teen mom. I was raised in a loving family-although poor, we made it work. I learned to fight against negativity and the stigma of being a poor teen mom. When I was 18 I became a counselor at a treatment center and worked my way up; however, after several years I realized I needed a degree in this competitive environment. It was challenging to figure out child care, work, and go to college all solo - on my own. Twenty years later my daughter is transferring with a beautiful scholarship to a private art university and I am about to receive three AA degrees and transfer to Sonoma State. Working hard does pay off. I look back and love the challenges, that I did it, and LIFE with all of its good times and bad! LE

ACCOMPLISHMENT & THE PEOPLE THAT HELPED: Being newly married (for the 2nd time) at 30 and having my first child at 31 (and 2 more later), I was in my element - I was made to be a mom. Everything seemed right with the world. Who would know that my world would crash down on me and change?  Through that experience I learned to persevere and to protect myself and my children. I chose to be a positive role model in my sons' lives. I love how I feel now that I have almost completed my Pharmacy Technician Certificate. I also know that if it were not for the strong, kind, loving people I work with and surround myself with, that my road would have been different. I am very grateful for the people in my life today who inspire me to be the best I can be. JL

SUNSHINE & SMILES: I love planting flowers in the sunshine; the sound of night birds at 4am; living in a neighborhood where everyone smiles and says "hello"; and being part of a college community that strives together to keep dreams alive and the values of kindness, unity and perseverance at the core. CalWORKs Staff Member


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